CSR Consulting


Dedicated team of aviation CSR experts to accompany effective sustainable changes towards more responsible activities.

Definition and implementation of sustainable aviation business transformation.

Consulting and assistance in developing CSR projects in eco-responsibility.

IDEALJET, is an investor and member of the organizing committee of SIGEF – Social Innovation and Global Ethics Forum, headquartered in Geneva. We contribute to address today’s aviation challenges such as:

Sustainable Lifestyle:

How to make aviation rhyme with sustainability and inclusion? While the social and environmental issues have been weighing heavy on the traditional definition of aviation as the producer of inessential and preposterously expensive means, the llifestyle industry has been trying to adapt and go beyond greenwashing plans to adopt genuine ecologic strategies and promote a concept of Lifestyle for good.

Renewable and Future Energy:

While the reality of finite sources of energy is now definitely beyond doubt, the question remains to see if the seemingly human ingenuity is capable of keeping all technology options open to produce and implement new clean, stable, scalable and cost effective sources of energy.